To Have a Loved One as Your Caregiver


We at Touch of Love Home Care LLC understand that not all clients are comfortable with unknown caregivers from a care facility. We understand that not everybody can develop trust in strangers easily. It is a difficult task that requires effort and time to accomplish.

Thus, clients prefer having a caregiver they know, such as a loved one. Clients will not need time to develop trust as they can receive in-home healthcare in Indiana. In this setup, the caregivers (loved ones) already know what the clients need. They know the limitations between them and the client.

The disadvantage of this setup is caregivers may not receive benefits while rendering their time for caregiving. A loved one who is willing to provide care for their sick loved ones requires them to sacrifice time and other tasks. Thankfully, we have waiver services medical care that benefits caregivers in this setup.

Our structured family caregiver waiver enables loved ones to provide in-home care. Instead of sacrificing their time, they will be turned into paid family caregivers. The program enables them to receive benefits such as educational support and financial assistance, as they provide a comfortable home care setting.

If you think you can provide care for your loved ones at home, you can seek assistance from our home health care in Indianapolis, Indiana.Call our office to learn more information about our programs and services.

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