About Us

Home Health Care in Indianapolis, Indiana

Caregiver hugging an elderlyTouch of Love is a provider with over 15 years experience in the Healthcare industry. Our mission as a company is to provide excellent companion and attendant care services which fosters a team working environment that devotes time and experience to cultivate our clients’ needs, wants and health.

For us, the best place for you or your loved one to be is right in the comfort of one’s own home. We make staying at home an easy and realistic choice. We provide tailored home health care in Indianapolis, Indiana and foster a safe and pleasant environment that permits our clients to remain at home rather than be compelled with confinement in a care facility.

When mom or dad continues to live at home as they grow older, they also increase their comfort in the familiar surroundings on the place they love. Being at home also puts them closer to family and friends. The moral support that loved ones can give will ultimately help promote better health. More so when care is provided with love, there is nothing more that you need to look for. All that you need is within the very confines of the home where you live.

Come join us and let us touch your hearts with love. Call 317-353-6778 for more information about home care.