Aches and Pains in Elderly Life


“Ow!” “Ouch!” “Yikes!”

These are the expressions you can hear from people in pain. And if they don’t do something about it, they will never know what causes the torture and become unable to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment. And you’ll keep hearing those utterances from them.

Pain is part of being alive. It is an indication that there is something wrong with our bodies. Aches can occur at any body part, and patients might require In-home healthcare in Indiana to monitor chronic pain.

Some examples of areas where people experience aches are:

  • Head and neck – headache, migraine, toothache, stiff-neck
  • Arms and wrists – Carpal and Cubital Tunnel syndromes
  • Hands and Fingers – arthritis, trigger finger, nerve damage
  • Torso- stomachache, disc bulges, chest pain
  • Knees, ankles, and feet – osteoarthritis, tendonitis, gout

The dislocation, tear, sprain, or strain of muscles, bones, joints, and ligaments send signals to the brain to know what is wrong. In case of unbearable pain, you need to tell your Caregivers right away so they would know what to do.

Get treatment for any of the said concerns, whether at home or in a Care Facility. Especially seniors who have low pain tolerance.

It helps when you receive Skilled Nursing at home. You have the advantage of fixing the problem promptly. Thanks to our trusty professionals from Touch of Love Home Care LLC.

For Home Health Care in Indianapolis, Indiana, you may dial 317-353-6778.

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