Common Causes of Hearing Impairments


Hearing loss is a common physical change among the elderly. Although it can be inevitable, in some cases it’s caused by other things. If your loved one is deaf, rest assured that they are eligible for aged & disable services.

Before seeing if your loved one needs homecare services, be sure to assess the extent of the impairment first. Here are some common causes of hearing loss.

  • Aging
    As a person ages, the hearing loss can worsen over time. Some components of the ear grow less flexible as people age. For one, the small hairs become destroyed and are unable to react to sound waves effectively. Everyday tasks can be tricky with deteriorated hearing. Rest assured that your senior loved one can still be productive with their tasks with the help of in-home healthcare in Indiana.
  • Loud Noise
    Frequent exposure to loud sounds and noises can affect the cochlea’s hair cells in the long run. The amount of hearing you lose is determined by the level of the sound and the length of time you were exposed to it. Rest assured that a quality care facility is a peaceful and tranquil environment that is far from any loud noise.
  • Infections and Illnesses
    Hearing loss that is caused by an infection is often temporary, minor, and resolves quickly. However, in more severe cases, the fluid is accumulated in the middle ear. If not treated, it can cause long-term complications. On the other hand, certain illnesses can also cause deafness.

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