How Do Mobility Issues Develop Among Seniors?


It is no secret that seniors and older adults often experience a range of mobility issues. These mobility problems take away much of their independence, prompting them to opt for companionship services.

As a provider of in-home healthcare in Indiana, we often witness the many challenges that seniors face when dealing with mobility issues. How do these issues develop? And how can they be addressed?

  • Natural decline
    Our bodies go through major changes as we age. As the years go by, we will experience physical decline as it is part of natural aging. With constant exercise, you can optimize your muscles and bones, which will slow down the natural decline of the body.
  • The risk of accidents
    Seniors and older adults are at a higher risk of experiencing fatal falls and other accidents. These injury-inducing accidents can cause further mobility problems. You can always opt for a care facility if your home has several hazardous areas for seniors.
  • Health conditions
    Numerous health conditions will cause mobility problems. Incidents of strokes and heart attacks often cause issues with mobility after. Issues with bones and joints like arthritis and osteoporosis also contribute to physical deterioration.

When these conditions arise, make sure you talk to your health providers about possible treatments. You can also work with a home health aide to assist your loved ones with their daily activities.
Here at Touch of Love Home Care LLC, we are more than happy to assist your loved ones as they face these mobility issues with our home health care in Indianapolis, Indiana. Call us today for your inquiries!

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