Consuming Superfoods for a Very Healthy Diet


We need to consume food in order for the different systems in our bodies to continue functioning. Among the foods available, some are considered superfoods which are very good for our health. They are often referred to as “whole” or “real” foods, meaning they come in their original form and have not undergone processes. It’s true that these foods are very healthy, but we can get the best benefits from them when we make them an important part of our overall healthy diet as recommended by healthcare professionals such as those providing in-home healthcare in Indiana. What follows are some of the typical foods included in the superfood lists.

  • Salmon

    This type of fatty fish contains many omega-3 fatty acids, which have shown qualities of minimizing our risk of heart ailment and stroke. We can also consume other kinds of fatty fish which has the same benefits, such as sardines, tuna, and mackerel. It’s advisable that consume fish a minimum of two times per week to foster good health. For those individuals who need help with activities of daily living, including meal preparation, healthy foods like salmon are prioritized by their respective caregivers.

  • Soy

    Soy is among the healthy foods for its rich fiber, healthy fat, vitamins, and mineral. It’s a good substitute for those high-fat proteins in our diet. We can substitute chicken with tofu or cowmilk with soymilk according to our nutritional requirements.

  • Berries

    Berries contain a lot of soluble fiber, vitamins, and phytonutrients. These are the nutrients produced in plants that provide us with several advantages. Blueberries are among the famous superfoods. However, cranberries and strawberries are deemed very healthy as well. If we are receiving homemaking services, our caregivers may recommend snacking on these foods the entire day or putting them in our morning oatmeal.

  • Kale

    Kale ranks among the most famous on the superfood lists. It has a lot of vitamins A, C, as well as K. It also contains calcium, fiber, and other minerals. It will be great when we add kale to our meals for a nutrient boost. Other types of green cruciferous vegetables offer the same benefits, like Swiss chard, collards, spinach, mustard greens, broccoli, and cabbage. These types of vegetables are highly recommended, especially to seniors, including those in a care facility.

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