The Impact of Taking Regular Walks


Walking is a vital part of life. This ability allows us to attend to our every need and engage with the many activities that life has to offer.

As we provide in-home healthcare in Indiana, we understand that, despite it being normal, walking has an incredible impact on our overall wellness. This simple activity may be one of the best habits seniors, and older adults can integrate into their regular routines.

  • Homemaking Exercise

    Whether you receive care at home or in a care facility, you will need to exercise. Walking is a mid-intensity exercise that almost everyone can perform. It engages the muscles and joints and will strengthen the heart and lungs. This activity can help control weight, which can help lessen the risk of chronic illnesses.

    Some seniors may experience a decline in their physical abilities, but walking can still be a viable option for them. You can always work with companionship services for supervision and assistance through these walks.

    We ensure that our caregivers will be there to help seniors prevent feeling isolation.

  • Stronger Mental Wellness

    With exercise comes better mental wellness. Walking can also help you relieve stress as it facilitates the production of endorphins. Stepping out for walks can also potentially expose you to nature, which can inherently eliminate stress.

  • Opportunities to Socialize

    When you spend time outside your house, you will always have more opportunities to interact with other members of the neighborhood. The more you socialize, the stronger your mental and cognitive health will be.

Here at Touch of Love Home Care LLC, we have care providers that can help you take regular walks. We provide companionship and assistance as part of our home health care in Indianapolis, Indiana, to help meet your every need. Call us today for your inquiries!

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