Our In-Home Health Care Services

our-in-home-health-care-servicesAs adults age, it becomes more difficult for them to do things that were once routine. These include both household chores and personal care tasks big and small. Fortunately, hiring home health care in Indianapolis, Indiana can be a big help for the elderly. At Touch of Love Home Care LLC, we provide seniors with the best home health aid and nursing care services.

As a provider of quality in-home healthcare in Indiana, we ensure our caregivers can help the elderly complete personal tasks like bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. They assist clients in a caring and professional manner that helps seniors feel comfortable and dignified.

Our paid family caregivers can perform basic errands that involve leaving the household, such as paying bills, picking up mail, and refilling medicine prescriptions. They can also perform simple homemaking services like cleaning, laundering, and meal preparation.

Medicine management is another essential task they perform. They ensure clients take the correct medicines, in the correct dosages, and at the correct times. This is essential for seniors, who might have adverse reactions to overdosing and underdosing on medications. Plus, memory problems make them more susceptible to making mistakes as regards taking their medicines.

Many elderly persons prefer to receive skilled nursing care at home rather than at a care facility. And if you are looking for the best homecare professionals to help them, give us a call at 317-353-6778.

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