Common Signs Seniors Need Personal Care Assistance


Living alone can be a struggle for some seniors. And in most cases, they don’t want you to know they are struggling. You cannot help but worry about your loved ones’ health and wellness, so watch out for these signs they need assistance. Read on.

  • Unkempt looks
    Are your loved ones skipping their baths and brushing their teeth? Staying committed to a hygiene routine is necessary, whether at home or in a care facility. If you think your loved ones are looking untidy these past few days, perhaps it’s time for additional care assistance from professionals.
  • Messy home
    Look around your senior loved one’s home. Is their home filled with dirty dishes, mold in the bathroom, and trash on the floor? Left unattended, an untidy home could lead to unwanted diseases and pose other health risks for them. It is a red flag that your loved one needs in-home healthcare in Indiana.
  • Empty pantry
    A bare pantry could signify that your loved ones are not eating healthy and nutritious meals. Don’t wait for your loved ones to suffer from malnutrition and other nutrition-related illnesses. Seek home health care in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the care professionals are ready to provide personal care assistance to your loved ones.

Here at Touch of Love Home Care LLC, we offer services, from companion care and aged & disabled services to home health services. We believe the smallest help can mean the world to someone. Allow us to make a difference in your family starting today. Please call us at 317-353-6778 for more information.

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