What to Do When News Becomes Overwhelming for Seniors


One doesn’t have to tune in on news channels for too long to realize that upsetting stories make the headlines. The recent humanitarian crisis between Ukraine and Russia is a particular example. While we can understand that it is simply the function of journalism to inform and update, we must also realize the psychological impact it has, in this case, on our loved ones in need of in-home healthcare in Indiana.

According to psychologist and therapist Dr. Logan Jones, being constantly exposed to disaster reporting has a direct impact on mood. It also often exacerbates symptoms of conditions like anxiety and depression. As a provider of skilled nursing, we know how this puts your loved one’s overall health at risk.

At Touch of Love Home Care LLC, we always encourage you to take part in uplifting your loved one’s well-being. Consider these tips from your reliable partner in home health care in Indianapolis, Indiana when your loved one expresses fear or helplessness over current events:

  • Remind them that it’s okay to tune out.
    Anxiety is not activism. Help them realize that people never have total control over things that happen and that sometimes, it’s better to leave such things to the people directly concerned by it.
  • Check where they get their news.
    Misinformation and sensationalism are enemies of peace of mind. Find better and more manageable news sources.
  • Understand why it upsets them.
    Perhaps the news hits close to home. Allow them to talk about how the news relates to them.
  • Help them set boundaries.
    Being adults, they have every right to decide whether or not they want to engage with news. Tell them they can choose to talk about such things or not and respect the choices they make. If that means no link-sharing, stick to it.

As your source of nursing care services, we hope you found some great takeaways from what we shared.

Learn more about contributing to your loved one’s wellness by calling us today. Expect quality like that of a care facility when you choose us!

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